Orphans and street children in Kenya

Kenya's street children are struggling to survive on a daily basis in circumstances that are simply unimaginable in Europe. They live from begging, looking for edibles in garbage, sometimes committing small robberies, or getting jobs as day laborers with extremely bad or often unpaid jobs.

The very sad life of the orphans and streetkids

There are 2.6 million orphans living in Kenya, UNICEF has reported. About half of the children have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Many other parents have died of malaria or other illnesses because they could not afford the money for a doctor's visit, medication, or hospitalization.

The government can`t help enough

The Kenyan government can not care enough about its orphans. Many orphans are housed with relatives or cared for by the village community. Incredibly many children, however, have no choice but to try to make their way through the streets of the larger cities. There they meet many children who have to live on the street for other reasons.

Many of them have run away from home because they have been abused there, while others have been sent away from home because their parents are simply unable to feed them or because their parents are in jail. Kenya's prisons are hopelessly overcrowded and even the tiniest of misconducts, such as the possession or use of a plastic bag (strictly prohibited since August 2017), can be punished with a jail sentence if the severely high fine is not instantly inflicted. But this is another story...

Street children are very often exposed to brute force and abuse. Often they are addicted to drugs, mostly malnourished and ill, the mortality rate is high. Street children are more or less ignored by the state. Therefore, we do not know how many children live on Kenya's streets. All that is certain is that there are an incredible number of children who vegetate there under inhumane conditions.

These children have no chance for a worthwhile future.

We would like to give them this chance.

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