10. May

Matthias Brauch and the company Softfair donate 4 brand new laptops and set up a professionally equipped computer room

At the initiative of Matthias Brauch, another group of visitors for the children's home was found together. Melanie Freund, Kamuran Bildircin, Mathias Horn, Katja and Stefan Zänker, Andreas Zak and Clemens Schneider traveled to Kenya together with Matthias Brauch. Oliver Drewes insisted on accompanying the group and Jochen Feyerherd joined the team on a temporary basis. One of the aims of the small tour group was to set up a "computer training room" in the children's home. There, the children will get computer lessons three times a week in the future. This will contribute to the good general education of children. After all, it is the strategic goal of the children's home that its inhabitants are well educated above average, in order to prepare the former street / orphan children as best as possible for their later professional life. Matthias Brauch in private and the company Softfair GmbH from Hamburg, who was led by him, were very generous for the benefit of the children's home. In addition to a meanwhile large annual donation (about € 20.000, -) for the Kinderhausverein, the costs for the computer room and for four extensively prepared and pre-installed brand new laptops were also taken over. In addition, the costs for the three-times-a-week computer lessons will be borne by Matthias Brauch and Softfair GmbH. The other members of the travel group were actively involved. For example, Katja and Stefan Zänker had collected money in Germany and doubled the donation amount from private funds to an impressive € 3,460. Among other things, Katja and Stefan Zänker used this money to ensure that every child received individually missing clothing. The background is that a total of 55 children must regularly take stock of existing clothing. Every inventory reveals what clothes are missing - usually that's pretty much. In the children's house, the laundry is known to be washed by hand and the local water is quite saline. As a result, clothing literally "pulverizes" over time and literally dissolves on its own. In addition, our children grow out of clothing breathtakingly fast, which is then inherited in-house, until it has "dissolved". In this respect, it constantly needs replenishment and a lot of logistics. In addition, all 55 children were equipped with new raincoats in time for the beginning of the middle of May, the rainy season. For very special joy with our guys, however, provided three brand new mountain bikes, which our visitors have purchased as an additional surprise. The small group had a lot of fun in the children's home and certainly many new friendships have emerged. Of course, there was also time for a small safari with an overnight stay in Tsavo National Park. The participants of the trip agreed that the trip was an unforgettable experience with many unique impressions and experiences. For some of them it was already the second visit to the children's home and most would like to come back next year. On behalf of the children we would like to thank Matthias Brauch and Softfair GmbH, Katja and Stefan Zänker and of course the other participants for their dedicated support.

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