Furaha Phönix Kinderhaus e.V.

The Furaha Phönix Kinderhaus e.V. is a small, non-profit development association that has set itself the task of helping street and orphan children in Africa and giving them a life perspective.

Since the founding of the association, essentially two things determine the work of the institution:



All the founding members of the association had from the beginning the goal that the Förderverein has absolutely no own administrative costs in Germany to get along. Enormously high administrative costs, as usual with "the big organizations", were a deeply deterrent example from the perspective of the founding members.


At that time, the intention was that all administrative activities by the "active children's house friends" are always honorary. This includes the "collecting of donations" and the complete administration and administration in Germany as well as the work in Kenya. At least as far as the "active Kinderhausfreunde" from Germany. Of course, the local institution at the Kinderhaus employs several local employees who ensure the operation of the children's home and care for the children. However, the total wage bill for a common average wage in Kenya of € 150 per month is bearable for our club and certainly not comparable to "traditional administrative costs".

In addition, it was clear to all involved from the beginning that trips to Africa are always paid privately and can not be billed at the expense of the children's home.

Also purchases, other material, postage for the donation receipts u.v.m. is always disputed privately by the "active Kinderhausfreunden". Above all, of course, will take a lot of time and. Commitment invests in the handling of all things. Including communication with the staff of the children's home or with "serious problems", which our older children (with smartphones) suddenly develop at night and on weekends and then urgently want to discuss via WhatsApp or Facebook.

All this, the "active children's house friends" like to invest to help the children and to say one thing:

With our institution from a donated EURO also a full EURO arrives there, where he should - with the children in Africa.

2. Transparenz

Trust is good, control is important too. The goal of the "transparent accounting" is that every donor finds himself publicly accessible with his donation. Therefore, all donations will be listed. Unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous then his donation will be listed without a name. Based on the amount, however, an anonymous donor can at least find himself again.

In addition, all payments from the German club to Africa are listed, so that the inflow of funds into the children's home also remains traceable. Anyone who would like to understand the use of the money "exactly", can also view all scanned expenditure documents individually online - this is the Board on request to provide more in-depth detail information. Currently, at least 5 active "Kinderhausfreunde" are involved in the ongoing commercial controlling and quality assurance, the expenditure documents online and also regularly on site.

Transparency also includes an open exchange about existing problems and difficulties. Therefore, much emphasis is placed on communication between children and employees on site, but also between the children and employees directly to the "active Kinderhausfreunde" in Germany.

"Kinderhausfreund" is not just an empty word, but many of the "active Kinderhausfreunde" have very friendly relationships with individual employees or to certain children or entire groups of children in WhattsApp. This (and of course with smartphones and free Wi-Fi) ensures that there is not just the "traditional flow of information" from the director to the board and from the board to the club members and donors.

In addition, the policy of the Kinderhaus Verein counts on the topic of transparency.


  • What challenges did we accomplish?
  • What do we have in mind?
  • Which projects are available?
  • What problems do we have in the institution?


All those who are interested in details are cordially invited at least once a year to the public meetings of the "active children's house friends", where all questions are openly discussed.


In addition, current topics can be tracked via Facebook and the news on the homepage of the Kinderhaus. An irregular newsletter / club report informs up to three times a year about serious news.

The institution summarized

  • was founded in 2005 in Hamburg/Germany.
  • is recognized as "non-profit" and issues tax-deductible donation receipts.
  • currently are there more than 50 children in a by the institution owned property.
  • has 8 employees locally in Kenya and otherwise in Germany no costs.
  • is supported by about 350 donors, who usually donate a monthly fixed amount.
  • is contested by about 30 "active children's house friends" who take care of everything
  • receives an average monthly donation of 14 € per donor (individual large donations excluded)
  • reaches more than € 100,000 donation volume per year
  • Since the founding of the association it has received just under   € 850,000 in donations and used it sensibly
  • ... still needs MORE and more money to help those who never had a chance:

The orphans in Africa.

Special appreciation of the work



Peter and Oliver Drewes invest a lot of energy, time and money in social projects. In 2015, Mr. Joachim Gauck, the President from the federal Republik of Germany, honored this extraordinary social commitment by awarding the Federal Cross of Merit to Peter and Oliver Drewes.


The Federal Cross of Merit was presented jointly to father and son on 27.04.2015 as part of a ceremony in Rotenburg / Wümme. This special appreciation of what he has achieved is seen by Oliver Drewes as a further incentive to tirelessly advance the Furaha Phoenix Children's Home and other social projects and to be there for needy people.


Sometimes in silent memory of his father, who lost his life in a tragic plane crash in September 2017.

The "active children's house friends" and the "transparent bookkeeping"

The "active Kinderhausfriends" and our "transparent accounting" are a great feature of our association. With every euro donated, you help us to help street and orphan children in Kenya. The "Active Children's House Friends" are committed to ensuring that every donated Euro benefits the Furaha Phoenix Children's Home and is used 100 percent for housing and care, for the purchase of food and clothing, and for the education of orphans and street children.

The "active Kinderhausfriends" get no money for their work and pay all expenses incurred and incurred in Germany office and administrative costs, from their own resources. Likewise, the trips to Africa are always privately financed. Nevertheless, in addition to the approximately 350 donors numerous "active children's house friends" deny the maintenance of the institution. By providing on-the-spot assistance in the Kinderhaus, where they also cultivate friendships with employees and children from Germany, and by acquiring additional donors.


Here is the list of "active children's house friends", combined with a heartfelt thank you for all the efforts on behalf of the children!



The "transparent accounting" lists all donations received by us with name and amount. In addition, all payments are listed in the Kinderhausbetrieb, so that the donation and the use of the money remain transparent. In case of deeper interest, all output documents that are archived online as ScanCopy can be viewed individually. If you are interested, feel free to contact us. Donors who do NOT want to be listed by name are listed under the note "anonymous" or under a self-chosen "artist's name".


Here is a list of all the payments we have received since the foundation of the association, with a heartfelt thank you to every donor!




IBAN: DE 83 2007 0024 0036 3606 00


Deutsche Bank Hamburg


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As a registered, non-profit organization, we will of course send you a tax deductible donation receipt for the respective previous year once a year. Therefore, it is important and helpful that you send us the donation order, even if you do not give us a direct debit authorization, but directly transfer it yourself.


On behalf of our children in Kenya, we sincerely thank you for your trust and support.