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On this first page of our homepage, we would like to briefly introduce our institution and explain the special features of our approach. The following pages cover topics about Africa in general, about Kenya and Uganda in particular, about orphans and street children, and of course about the Furaha-Phoenix Children's Home.


It's done: Congratulations to Vincent!

Vincent completed his Bachelor of Finance / Financial Economics at Moi University in Nairobi.


They were hard years and a long road. From child at home to fully trained financial economist. What a beautiful success story. At least until here. Now we hope that he will also find a good job. All the boys in the children's house are very proud of their big brother and we are too.


Vincent is the first of three highly gifted boys that we are currently looking after at universities as part of their best possible education.


Others are already warming up... Such high-quality training is the ultimate goal of our association, as long as it is feasible given the children's talent. The majority find themselves in normal vocational training.


The pictures show the Moi University ceremony. Proud Vincent and Harrison (our social worker).

Our corona aid for the poorest in Kenya

In Kenya, too, the past year was significantly shaped by the Corona crisis. A tough lockdown was ordered in March. Non-relevant shops as well as restaurants, hotels, schools and universities were closed. There is still a night curfew, which is strictly enforced by the police. Individual regions and cities, for example Nairobi and Mombasa, were cordoned off and all airports were closed for five months. Of course, this has led to the complete cessation of tourism. The region around the children's home in particular was hit particularly hard by this, because many jobs are dependent on tourism and thousands of people were unemployed overnight.


A social system as we know it in Germany does not exist in Kenya. The unemployed do not receive any support from the state. Unemployment here means immediate economic hardship and consequently hunger. It is said that the economic consequences of the Corona crisis are claiming more lives in Kenya than the pandemic itself. Some hotels and restaurants have reopened since autumn, but for understandable reasons only very few tourists come and the situation has not eased noticeably.


We reacted in different ways at the children's home.

This "Food for Barani" project is organized and carried out by our Patrick. Patrick is one of the first boys to come to our children's home. He hasn't lived with us for a year, but he's completing a management trainee program with us. He's supported by a few of our bigger boys and everyone is enthusiastic about it.


To finance this project, the monthly budget of the children's home was temporarily increased significantly. This money is surely well spent because we really don't know how many of these people could otherwise survive. It is currently not foreseeable when the situation will ease and when we can end this project. Presumably the whole of 2021 will also be shaped by this.

We were able to compensate for the canceled school lessons by temporarily hiring three other teachers in addition to Mary, the permanent tutor, and teaching our boys in four classes internally. The costs for this are financed from the saved school fees.


In the surrounding community, we are trying to a greater extent to alleviate the greatest misery of people with regular food donations. The poorest families were named by the four village elders. Since April, these families have received the most important basic food, cooking oil, tea and hygiene articles from us twice a month. We support around 75 families with a total of around 600 people.

Financial support for this equally important and costly project is urgently needed and is therefore always welcome.

First, briefly the peculiarities of our way of working at one glance:

We are a children's home society for street and orphan children in Africa, founded and supported by private individuals.

All club members work exclusively unsalaried and with a lot of personal commitment.

The entire administration and administration is done on a unsalaried basis.

Therefore it is ensured that for each donated EURO food can be bought for a full EURO in Africa.

Full transparency on our open "transparent accounting", where we list all revenues and all payments to Africa.

In the meantime, we can look back on many years of experience and we constantly give home to more than 50 orphans.

Incidentally, commercial controlling is repeatedly ensured on site by the "active friends of the children's home".

Our association - commitment to the future

We are a small private association for orphans, founded in 2005. In the first years of our work, we financially supported an existing children's home. Since the end of 2009, we have become independent as a sponsoring institution and built a children's home ourselves. Since then we offer (currently) more than 50 street and orphan children a very nice home in Kenya, near the famous city of Mombasa.


The children - exclusively boys - meet a family-like social environment, are provided with food and clothing and looked after by trained professionals. In addition, we are working together since a few years with a nearby children's home, in which only girls are looked after, friendly together.



Every donated Euro arrives!

We finance ourselves 100% through private donations and donations and claim to be extremely responsible with the funds entrusted to us. Together with you we would like to offer a livable perspective to children who had no chance so far.  


We consider our approach to be exceptional as we work at maximum effectiveness and purely on a voluntary basis.


We are also proud of our "transparent accounting", which goes back to the year 2005, in which we list all individual donations and all payments to Africa and keep them publicly available. All expenditure documents are also stored online and can be viewed extensively by several "active children's home friends" and anyone who is interested.



Education as a start-up aid for an independent future

Our children receive through our club and our children's home as sound as possible a jump start in a hopefully good, independent future with a fair perspective.  

By the way, the children say "my home" to the children's home and they address Ms. Evarlyn Charo, our director in Kenya, exclusively as "mom".  

Read more about the development and philosophy of the children's home or spend your next vacation in beautiful Kenya and visit us anytime locally.



Information exchange is important to us

But our transparency goes further. It is also the subject of our work on the ground in Africa, because we have a very lively exchange with our children's house staff and above all with our (older) boys. The new media (Facebook and WhatsApp) quickly turned out to be the best tools to immediately identify and address emerging problems. Even against this background, our "bigger boys" mostly have their own smartphones, with which they naturally exchange many pictures and messages within the children's home groups, thus permanently concealing the local management and also the "active children's house friends" in Germany, hardly any maladministration can stay.



Our transparent donation system documents every donation made to us and every euro transferred to Kenya. We list the names of all donors, if they do not explicitly refuse, as well as the amounts made available to us and also document the transfers to Kenya here. So you can always convince yourself that your donation has really arrived with us.



Both, the association board and the active children's house friends, who have contributed to the previous work of the institution, or continuously contribute, exercise their work for the children's association on a unsalaried basis. You will not receive any allowances, attendance fees, expenses or other payments. Likewise, the regularly incurred travel expenses to Kenya are of course always paid privately by the association's board and by the "active children's house friends".



Every euro donated to us arrives without deduction where it is needed. All donations are 100% used for the children's home. Administrative costs are not incurred. The administration in Germany is supported by the "active Kinderhausfriends" completely private.

With this approach, we stand out very clearly from most comparable institutions.

Transparency in all areas is very important to us. Our sponsors should be informed about what happens to the money made available to us and how we want to further develop the children's home.

Details of the most important upcoming projects have been listed for you in our "Agenda 2020".



We are very pleased when this introduction to our work inspires you to continue browsing our homepage

and we hope you trust our work and support us. Please, help us to help.






We are looking forward to your contact.



News from the Children`s Home

08. January 2024

Vincent completed his Bachelor of Finance / Financial Economics at Moi University in Nairobi.

They were hard years and a long road. From child at home to fully trained financial economist. What a beautiful success story. At least until here. Now we hope that he will also find a good job. All the boys in the children's house are very proud of their big brother and we are ...

14. November 2021

Evarlyn als Direktorin und Ali der Manager haben das Kinderhaus zum 01.11. mit einem Aufhebungsvertrag verlassen.

Da wir uns als Verein der absoluten Transparenz verschrieben haben, möchte ich den Grund des Ausscheidens nicht verschweigen und auch nicht künstlich schön reden, sondern diplomatisch aber deutlich damit beschreiben: „es gab unterschiedliche Auffassungen zur Pflege der ...


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