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Visitors from Germany

"Fancy something wild ...." Under this motto was this year's incentive travel for about 20 selected cooperation partners of the Hamburg Phoenix maxpool Group AG. As we all know, Oliver Drewes, the founder and chairman of the Kinderhausverein, heads this group of companies as CEO and also holds the majority of the shares. True to the motto of the trip "Fancy something wild ..." it was obvious that Oliver Drewes Kenya, the beautiful travel and safari country between the Indian Ocean, Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria has chosen as destination. Drewes stays several times a year in Kenya to take care of the further development of the children's home founded by him. Meanwhile, he knows the land of elephants, lions, crocodiles and Massaikrieger like his back pocket and was able to work out for his guests a very special travel program which contained highlights that the package tourist does not get to see. Destination in Kenya was a small, intimate, African-style hotel right on the shores of the Indian Ocean. This hotel near Mombasa served as a base for exploring the near and distant surroundings for a week. For this purpose, the tour group had five well-equipped SUVs available.

"At the Furaha Phoenix Children's Home, we give 55 orphans and street children a home, it's a matter of the heart for me," says Oliver Drewes. So it went without saying that the children's house was at the top of Kenya travelers' program of visits. The director, Ms. Evarlyn Charo, greeted the guests with special kindness given to the Africans and spontaneously invited to a guided tour of the nursery grounds and to visit the entire complex  . The kids loved the fact that some of the guests worked hard with them all day long. Thus, for example, a joint photo painting campaign was started and a football trainer among the guests practiced special ball art pieces with some boys. The guests brought gifts to children from Germany, ia. also soccer jerseys and footballs. It was also played between a spontaneously formed guest team and the team of the children's house a football match, which was won by the boys of the Kinderhauses home made. Sporting talent and great skill were also demonstrated by our boys during the performance of some great acrobatics, before a wonderful day ended with a feast in the children's home. In retrospect, the guests from Germany were deeply impressed by what is being done here in the children's home for the orphans. Most of the visitors promised in the future regular donations to the Kinderhausverein in prospect. The Children's Day was unanimously described by the entire group as one of the two highlights of this beautiful journey.



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